Welcome to the Smell of Success Network. This is the Leadership and Management program which will drive the growth of Funerals by Design.

SMOSNET is all about developing the army of leaders who will drive forward the growth of Funerals by Design at an exponential rate. Those individuals who are enrolled in the SMOSNET programme will be heading up and developing their own teams and regions under the umbrella of Funerals by Design.  

SMOSNET leaders are individuals who have taken up the FbD franchise and wish to grow their regions and manage groups. There are of course huge advantages to being in the SMOSNET, namely greater rewards.  From the outset franchisees will be rewarded with lower set up fees and on going royalties and overrides on their own team members.  You will even be rewarded from the team members the company allocate to you.     

Training is and always will be the corner stone of success. In SMOSNET your training will be on going and hands on.  This will include special leadership development workshops, weekend training get away’s and team development courses.