The most unique franchise opportunity in the UK.

Committed to Excellence

At Funerals by Design, we are committed to our customer’s needs.  We never ‘SELL’ funeral plans, all we do is EDUCATE  and INFORM so clients can make an informed decision.  We empower people to allow them to decide what is right for them and their loved ones.  We invite you to learn more about Funerals by Design and discover how simple it is to design your last wish.

BUT – as a bleak reminder, here’s a report on the ‘Funeral poverty trap’.

Franchise Opportunities

The most unique Franchise Opportunity in the UK Major benefits

£100k+ per year

No experience needed

No end of customers

Low start up costs

Full training

Immediate revenue stream

On going support

Proven action plan

 Learn About Us

Funerals by Design came into existence after my own mother bought a pre-paid plan and suggested I do something similar. 

Once she explained to me WHY she put a plan in place – I was hooked.  There are literally millions of people who will be caught out with exorbitant costs when their loved ones pass away.  I wanted to do something to combat the funeral poverty trap. The result is a business based on trust, openness, honesty and a code of ethic which will always put the customer first.

Everyone alive needs a funeral service at some point.

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