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Welcome To Funerals By Design

Prepare yourself for a roller coaster ride of EXCITEMENT, FUN and SUCCESS. You are now looking at the most unique business opportunity available today – literally EVERY person in the UK needs our services. You will generate business everywhere you go if you follow a simply plan of action.

New career, new challenge, more money & freedom!

You’re in the right place at the right time!

No question, franchising is a proven & trusted way to develop your own successful and unique business.  

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Franchise Opportunities

Funerals by Design is not just a unique franchise brand but if you follow the plan,  you will also develop your own unique business.

£100k+ per year

No end of customers

Full training

On going support

No experience needed

Low start up costs

Immediate revenue stream

Proven action plan


increase in basic funeral costs since 2004

more than 1600 people die in the UK everyday!

58 million adults over 30yrs old are your target


of all franchises are successful from year one

In just one year the overall UK franchise industry turned over £15.1 billion

As a bleak reminder, here’s a report on the ‘Funeral poverty trap’.


What People are Saying

“Helped me to define a clear vision for the future.”

Lawrence is a very focused individual, he has helped me set my goals and define a clear vision for the future. Lawrence has also made me realise I already possess some of the tools I need to achieve my goals and is now helping me develop the tools and skills that I need to be effective in not just my role but my entire life. Thanks Lawrence!

Jim Calverley Tax Consultant

“Confident, experienced and knowledgeable,”

The training covered many ways you can make a first impression, not just the Networking Event Elevator statement – although we did work on that – with remarkable results…

Mick Holloway- Social media Strategist

“….some very powerful tips and techniques ”

Training with Lawrence is an eye opening and enjoyable experience. I’ve learned some very powerful tips and techniques having been at his networking sales presentations with 24/7 Social Media training events. 

Dan Walker, Director of Le1 Internet Marketing

“…a milestone event in my business”

Meeting Lawrence has been a milestone event in my business, he has the ability to push your goals forward & get results! My time spent with Lawrence was exciting, fun and informative. Would definitely recommend him to coach you too!

Thomas Bower Proprietor of Thomas the Caterer

Everyone alive needs a funeral service at some point.

Because of this very fundamental truth, you as a Funerals by Design franchise will never be short of clients. Which means your success is guaranteed if you follow the plan we have in place.
Franchising with Funerals by Design is fun, simple and really fast-paced. It will be very profitable and tremendously rewarding. I have developed a system and if you follow it, it WILL work for you.

If I had to sum up qualities required to work with Funerals by Design, I would list the following:

  • Motivated
  • Likeable
  • Empathetic
  • Teachable

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